Engine Repair Redondo Beach

The Southern California freeways and roadways can be tough on automobile engines and transmissions. At One Stop Engine Rebuilding, we understand this and have worked to take care of our customer’s engine repair Redondo Beach and other needs for more than 15 years in the Hawthorne and surrounding suburbs of LA. During our time in business, we have found that making the effort to be fully transparent with our customers regarding repair process, timeline, and cost has helped us become one of the leading garages in the local area. Combined with our free pickup and delivery service, free 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty, and experienced technicians, choosing our shop will not only benefit you in the short term, but well after you let us help you with your engine rebuilding Redondo Beach needs. Conversely, we have seen many a client referred to our business who has chosen poorly on their first try at getting their car or truck fixed. This typically leads to a "project" being made out of your personal vehicle that does nothing but cost you more and more money over the long haul.

Although we focus on engine rebuilding and repair services, One Stop Engine Rebuilding also provides a wide range of other car or truck repairs that we can accomplish for you in a reasonable timeframe here in the South Bay area. Our certified technicians commonly find that when a car’s maintenance has been neglected to the point that we have to conduct significant engine repairs, that it might also need attention paid to the brakes, transmission, and even the fluid levels for the brakes and oil. We are not here to drain your pocket book; however, and our technicians will not start or complete any repair or service to your automobile without first briefing you on the issue, the impact(s) of not adding any service, and getting a clear approval from you to add new work. We have seen too many dissatisfied clients from other shops that got over their head on repair costs and just simply could not afford to do all of the recommended maintenance at once. We will instead, advise you on what has to be fixed to be safe and what we recommend so that you can make an informed decision on the work we will do on your vehicle.