Engine Rebuilding Redondo Beach

Although we specialize in engine rebuilding Redondo Beach and repairs, at One Stop Engine Rebuilding, we have found that many of our clients also have a need for a high quality, but affordable brake service in Hawthorne. During our more than 15 years of being in business, the brake system on a car or truck has remained as one of the most critical safety systems in an automobile. The nice aspect about brakes, is that no matter what make or model your car or truck is, or what type of brake system is installed, the primary purpose of the system remains the same – to stop your vehicle in an efficient manner within a reasonable distance. If the brakes do not function properly, then drivers put themselves, their passengers, and other vehicles on the road at risk of a major accident.

When our customers take the time to perform regular inspections and repairs to their brakes, we find the need to conduct more extensive maintenance lessens, and you lessen the risk of brake failure being the cause of a potentially deadly crash. Despite the positives associated with seeking out a regular brake service, at One Stop Engine Rebuilding, we still find that many of our customers fail to have periodic inspections of this critical system and its associated hydraulics and components accomplished. By waiting until one hears an audible squeal from the pads wearing out, you take the risk of having to conduct a more costly brake and/ or rotor replacement to keep your car safely operating on the busy freeways of Hawthorne and the surrounding LA area.